Life Keeps Getting in The Way

Well Sunday was the benefit horse show for my Bff's baby. What a huge disappointment. All that work for not a lot of money. Never again will I do a horse show as a benefit. Way too much work for no pay out. The entire purpose was to raise money so you have to beg people for donations, workers for the food booth, entry booth, announcer, timer person and equipment, judge, ring steward, ribbon / trophy people, gate people, plus you have to get back numbers, ribbons, trophies.Blah blah blah. So much and for what $2k no thank you! I seriously lost a month of my life b/c I was doing nothing but trying to organize a horse show that ended up not being what I had hope for. It rained the night before all night so I know for a fact many people didn't come b/c of the rain and it called for rain on and off on Sunday so I know that kept people away too. Although it didn't rain and the last time I checked horses don't melt in the rain.