Maya Banks Sweet Surrender

Well, there is a reason why people pick up these types of books, with sexy covers and a promising story. It is all about a certain three letter word I would assume. Or you could be a romance junkie. That is a possibility, right? Anyway, this book drove me insane, and not in a good way. You know when people run their mouth? And then they don't back their ish up. When it comes down to it the characters in this book were all talk and no action, literally. It went on and on. Faith says she wants it all rough and a tumblin'. Yawn, I never was that asleep on a conversation. I never really grew to like the characters. Never really cared if they did I tied up or down, or whatever. All it ever was was Gray going on and on about sweet and innocent Faith looked. Oh, she couldn't possibly want to really do it with him like that, oh no! Wah, wah, wah. Bunch of whining. I never finished this. The flaky, wavering characters got on my nerves. Nothing really happened in the 200 pages I did manage to read. I would hesitantly recommend this book to people who enjoy the author's books or who are hardcore romance and erotic fans.

The Puppy Party

Puppy Party e-vites went out last night. Hopefully I remembered everyone. When you have over 500 adopters it is easy to accidentally forget to add someone's email. The crazy lady with the Photo album I think has finally gone away. The judge ruled to her appeal to the lawsuit that she is entitled to zero dollars from me or anyone else she sued. If she would have just let me take the negatives and get her pictures developed she wouldn't be out $150 for court costs and would have her pictures re-printed but oh no had to be a bitch. Whatever makes ya happy I guess. The idiots who stole the dog. Wow have I found out some interesting information. I just don't really understand why people feel the need to lie so much. What exactly do you gain from that? Well let me tell you people in this "case" are not who I thought they were, if you can't trust people you thought were your friends who can you trust? Oh let's see what else is going on. I mentioned that I was getting in hoarder dogs, no more and no less then 5 of them.

My Birthday

It was also my birthday on Sunday, so yay I spent the day at a horse show. I did show in a class and ended up getting hurt. Long story but I have been on bed rest all week. I have deep tissue and muscle bruising in my calf. I have to keep my leg elevated. How stupid is that! I can't walk, well I can sort of walk today, still can't move my ankle so I walk funny. I have had volunteers all week come over and help me take care of the dogs that I have here. Then to top it all off Tuesday was the day the jrt puppies were to get fixed and 2 of them were leaving for their homes. It is so frustrating not being able to do stuff for yourself. And all I have done all week pretty much from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed is work at my real job. I can do it all via my computer and well I have nothing else to do since I am just sitting in bed with my leg elevated, so annoying. Monday and Tuesday I had to have my mom take the dogs to the clinics to get fixed. Again so annoying. Oh well it got done and the puppies are slowly heading to their new homes. Man oh man do I love those jrt puppies. I wish they weren't leaving already.

Life Keeps Getting in The Way

Well Sunday was the benefit horse show for my Bff's baby. What a huge disappointment. All that work for not a lot of money. Never again will I do a horse show as a benefit. Way too much work for no pay out. The entire purpose was to raise money so you have to beg people for donations, workers for the food booth, entry booth, announcer, timer person and equipment, judge, ring steward, ribbon / trophy people, gate people, plus you have to get back numbers, ribbons, trophies.Blah blah blah. So much and for what $2k no thank you! I seriously lost a month of my life b/c I was doing nothing but trying to organize a horse show that ended up not being what I had hope for. It rained the night before all night so I know for a fact many people didn't come b/c of the rain and it called for rain on and off on Sunday so I know that kept people away too. Although it didn't rain and the last time I checked horses don't melt in the rain. 

Vacation in My little Space

This is my little private space where I can openly talk about the stuff that is not supposed to be talked about in polite society. This is where I can say that I have had some fantasies that fall outside of some of the socially acceptable norms. I have fantasies that I will not consider attempting to make a reality. Is that normal? From what I understand, yes. Do I think some of my readers would feel concerned if they knew all of my fantasies? Once again, I would say yes. Even as I know how open minded my readers are (isn't that why you are here in the first place?), I still think there are some things that wouldn't be acceptable. That is the thing about fantasy. I know it is fantasy. I know the difference between fantasy and reality. If I find myself aroused by something that is very taboo, that doesn't mean I am truly desiring to engage in it. It just means that I have this part of my mind that is rather liberal and finds itself aroused by lust in its most raw forms. When lust becomes so consuming that a person does something they are not supposed to do, then it has become a lust that I find very nice.

Case of Whiplash

I feel like I've suffered a severe case of whiplash this morning. The first CNN news alert that popped up on my iPad informed me the individual mandate of the healthcare law had been struck down by the Supreme Court. Imagine my surprise when a few minutes later a correction was issued stating the the court had upheld all of the health care law. Now that is a case of whiplash if I ever saw it! These are the events that make the workings of government so fascinating to me. Notice I said the workings of government, not politics. I've read quite a bit about the Supremes and find the history of the court to be an interesting read. The court is made up of nine justices. The four liberal justices are Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan. The five conservative justices are Scalia, Alito, Thomas, Kennedy, and Chief Justice Roberts. For the law to pass a conservative justice had to vote with the liberals. If it passed I expected Justice Kennedy would be the swing vote. Since Justice O'Conner's retirement he has been tagged with the swing voter title. I was major surprised to learn Chief Justice Roberts cast the deciding vote. Regardless of your opinion of the decision life will go on, this country is not doomed, nor going to hell in a handbasket. As soon as this decision moves out of the media cycle we will return to life as it was before the decision. We've had many important decisions by the Supreme Court, some we liked, some we didn't, but we continue to be a great country and I'm thankful to be a part of it.

Controlling auto Insurrance costs

No matter where you live or even the classes of coverage you`re required to buy, there`re a number of steps you can take in order to ensure you will be being given the most lucrative deal. The most important thing to do is take a good look at all available options and to pick the one that`s best for you. Make calls to as many agents as possible. Yes, I know that is a boring and protracted affair, besides which it gobbles up large chunks of time. And fine, I know that you may be made to reply to the same inquiries over and over again. On the other hand, look at it from this angle, would you jump at the first home you see and sign on the dotted line straight off? Given below are a number of car insurence shopping tips:

1. Retain a decent driver`s history
2. Make inquiries pertaining to available insurance discounts and what you would be eligible for!
3. Opt for the maximum deductible that matches your requirements
4. For cars which have low cash value, think about getting rid of collision car coverage
5. Retain the documents from previous internet autos insurance providers 
6. Ensure that you are a listed driver on an internet automobile insurance policy agreement 
7. Make sure you are a listed driver in case you utilize a company automobile most of the time
8. Ask if an accident-waiver enhancement is provided - this optional form of insurance cover is offered by a number of insurance firms and safeguards against potential increases in online car insur premiums on account of `at fault` losses or damages
9. Ensure that you`re not purchasing coverage that you`re not in need of, such as rental motor vehicle insurance coverage in case you own multiple automobiles
10. Maintain your automobile

Doing a moderate amount of research will help you avoid spending more than what`s necessary. Even so, ROI (return on investment) is the overarching concern. Can the autos insurance agent not only satisfy but also surpass your expectations? Does the company/agent provide you with satisfaction of the aspects you prioritize and can they be relied on to serve your best interests? It is crucial to find out all you can about the establishment that`s actually the one that will settling your claims. Is their customer service on par with (or better than) that of other insurers? What is their profile, in terms of spread and business volume? What are their objectives, vision, and business motto? Years ago, these corporate features were rather tough to search for, but the computer and Internet has altered this scenario. Go to their web portals or web sites and view them first hand.