Vintage Avon Beauty

Are you on for seeing make up from 1975 or 1976? Fasten your seatbelt, I'm taking you on a time travel. I'm always late on new collections (don't blame me, I live beyond the pond and polishes must swim to come to me) but that time, I'm literally going beyond myself: 35 years late no more no less. When I found 3 old Avon catalogues belonging to my mother in a cardboard box also belonging to my mother (from the time she was a Avon ambassador), I was super excited. Like a little girl who found a penny. Like a flea. I'm not a nostalgic person, quite the contrary, but for some reason I love to see how things were long ago, the kind of colors that were being released at that time, the packaging. Oldies, especially in beauty, amuse me. No big deal if I like stuff I can't get, it's fun! I couldn't not share this and did some scan for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoyed the time travel! On a side note, I've been amazed to find a glitter emerald nail polish in this catalogue. I expected to find only pinks, corals and red (and reality didn't contradicted me in some ways). But those catalogues are clearly telling me that green was in trend even before blue. I would have though that it was the opposite, that blue, and even purple appeared before green. Not you?