The Perfect Love

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love", Tom Robbins once said. I couldn't agree more. Somewhere on the road, we've all stopped looking for the perfect bond and chose instead to look for this ideal "other one", our better half, the part missing, etc. When only concentrating on this other person, we take ourselves out of the equation, and, most importantly, we forget to think about the bond that ties two human beings almost without explanation. Some call it chemistry. I for one consider it to be more than a feeling, although totally depending on the awkward tingling. Well, as pretty and smart as she can be, no woman can help you create a perfect love without being entirely connected to you. Don't get me wrong. I’m a man, and like all men I get easily attracted to beautiful women. Still, that has nothing to do with the vibe you get from that one woman who can share everything with you: your joys, your disappointments, your beliefs and your fears. I had the chance of meeting the person for whom I try every day to create the perfect love.

Ok, she doesn't share my fear of aliens, and she might not be perfect (please God, don't let her read this blog) but our relationship is perfect, with ups and downs, but still perfect. Most of my friends are either single and disappointed or looking for very beautiful women with whom they often have nothing in common. If you are in neither of these situations, you already found yourself a keeper and you just want to know how perfect love feels like, this is my advice: don't let a day go by without showing her how much you care about her. I'm talking presents on pay day, flowers when you are running out of money and, most of all, words. Yes gentlemen, if you can feel it, you can spell it. Desperate times call for desperate measures so when trying to win her back after a fight, click here for some beautiful love poems for her. We were not all born Shakespeare but your best weapon when fighting not to lose her are love poems for her. While at it, throw some chocolates or flowers, it can't hurt.