Danger Days

Since I “came out” to myself as having a mental illness, societal stigmas be damned, I realized that I would have to take responsibility for, among other things of course, monitoring my state of mind and then taking appropriate action when necessary. I believe that I am currently experiencing an “alert status: red” day, in which I could potentially say or do things that would have destructive results for me. For instance, I am having recurring ideations and impulses to post statements on this blog that could literally get me hauled off with a bag over my head. And that’s just not okay. If it should arise that I am ever prosecuted for intemperate comments - and mind you, I can guarantee that they will never devolve into intemperate acts - then you should perhaps mention on my behalf that I am not at all times possessing my full faculties. So, I’m going to practice some self-care regimen items - I’m going to get up and drink some water and take a 3 minute walk. See you later :)