Pepsi Special the Fat Absorption Soda

Big news from Pepsi. On Tuesday, the giant Pepsi launched their trade mark cola beverage in Japan, claiming that this soda is able to block the absorption of fat. And because it is a special drink with some special qualities it is simply called Pepsi Special. The magical ingredient it is said to be dextrin, a dietary fiber derived from potatoes. The company says that dextrin slows the absorption of fat in the body and based on that Pepsi has developed a great marketing campaign in Japan. Pepsi supports this idea based on a Japanese study that was published back in 2006. The study was made on rats, and the study showed that rats fed dextrin absorbed less fat than those that were not. But the story it’s not that simple, and even is what is written above it's a fact, a closer look at Dextrin shows up others studies by the American researchers, who have examined the benefits of dextrin and the reviews are mixed. While it is true that reduces the levels of fat in the body, the effect is considered to be modest. Will it be successful? We'll see about that, but thinking that we can lose weight fast by drinking a special soda, it’s indeed a little awkward. In the meantime, stick to your fitness hours and healthy diet!