Vacation in My little Space

This is my little private space where I can openly talk about the stuff that is not supposed to be talked about in polite society. This is where I can say that I have had some fantasies that fall outside of some of the socially acceptable norms. I have fantasies that I will not consider attempting to make a reality. Is that normal? From what I understand, yes. Do I think some of my readers would feel concerned if they knew all of my fantasies? Once again, I would say yes. Even as I know how open minded my readers are (isn't that why you are here in the first place?), I still think there are some things that wouldn't be acceptable. That is the thing about fantasy. I know it is fantasy. I know the difference between fantasy and reality. If I find myself aroused by something that is very taboo, that doesn't mean I am truly desiring to engage in it. It just means that I have this part of my mind that is rather liberal and finds itself aroused by lust in its most raw forms. When lust becomes so consuming that a person does something they are not supposed to do, then it has become a lust that I find very nice.