Maya Banks Sweet Surrender

Well, there is a reason why people pick up these types of books, with sexy covers and a promising story. It is all about a certain three letter word I would assume. Or you could be a romance junkie. That is a possibility, right? Anyway, this book drove me insane, and not in a good way. You know when people run their mouth? And then they don't back their ish up. When it comes down to it the characters in this book were all talk and no action, literally. It went on and on. Faith says she wants it all rough and a tumblin'. Yawn, I never was that asleep on a conversation. I never really grew to like the characters. Never really cared if they did I tied up or down, or whatever. All it ever was was Gray going on and on about sweet and innocent Faith looked. Oh, she couldn't possibly want to really do it with him like that, oh no! Wah, wah, wah. Bunch of whining. I never finished this. The flaky, wavering characters got on my nerves. Nothing really happened in the 200 pages I did manage to read. I would hesitantly recommend this book to people who enjoy the author's books or who are hardcore romance and erotic fans.