The Puppy Party

Puppy Party e-vites went out last night. Hopefully I remembered everyone. When you have over 500 adopters it is easy to accidentally forget to add someone's email. The crazy lady with the Photo album I think has finally gone away. The judge ruled to her appeal to the lawsuit that she is entitled to zero dollars from me or anyone else she sued. If she would have just let me take the negatives and get her pictures developed she wouldn't be out $150 for court costs and would have her pictures re-printed but oh no had to be a bitch. Whatever makes ya happy I guess. The idiots who stole the dog. Wow have I found out some interesting information. I just don't really understand why people feel the need to lie so much. What exactly do you gain from that? Well let me tell you people in this "case" are not who I thought they were, if you can't trust people you thought were your friends who can you trust? Oh let's see what else is going on. I mentioned that I was getting in hoarder dogs, no more and no less then 5 of them.